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Here is the entire map from which the maps for each mile in the guide to the trail was taken.  It is a composite scanned from USGS Topigraphic Maps: Circle B-3, B-4, C-3, and C-4 quadrangles to which I have added the mileposts and other points of interest

Low Resolution Map of the Trail (280 KB)
High Resolution Map of the Trail (1.36 MB)
PDF Map of the Pinnell Mountain Trail from BLM

To order the topigraphic maps from the United States Geological Survey

The map names and USGS product #s are shown below

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Circle B-3    USGS product # 34964
Circle B-4    USGS product # 34965
Circle C-3    USGS product # 34970
Circle C-4    USGS product # 34971


Before clicking on this Link  Read what Follows.  By clicking on the
link you will see

Drag the map to place Alaska in the center, then zoom in 5 times, dragging
if necessary.  You should see:


Now click on "Topo" at the upper right of the map and see:

Now zoom 2 more times dragging until the map is where you want it to be.

Now at the right beyond the map click on "MARK POINTS"

The map re-appears with the 15-minute Quadrangle names highlighted in yellow.
Click on near any of the names to place a marker  The map will redraw
each time you add a marker.

Now click on a marker.

Clicking on the link "x.xMB" followed by one more click will download a free pdf file
to your computer.  Clicking on the link "Circle C-4" will bring up

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