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What about water?

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Both shelters have water catchement systems with water which could be used after proper purification. Often you will find standing water in tundra pools in the saddles between mountians. There also may be water in rock pools on the mountain tops. Another source of water is from the snowfields. Water may be found flowing from the fields or you may melt snow.

You could drop down into a creek bed for water. This is usually a bad idea unless you have plenty of bottles for storage since the water you use for the hike back up to the trail can be considerable. Of course, you could carry three gallons (25 pounds) with you or arrange for "air drops".

The State of Alaska recommends that all surface water in the state be purified. See: for the recommendations from the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources on water purification and other safety issues.

I try to carry two 20 oz bottles of Gaterade for each day of the trip. I pack snow into the empty bottles and add snow continually as melting occurs.  The meltwater can then be transferred to a clean container using a microfiltration device.