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Circle District Historical Society web site containing a display of Alaskan wildflowers and access to some of the old photographs in the archives.
My new site with more flowers.

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Raven nest on granite tor along Bottom Dollar Creek, 2007   
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Central: latitude = N 65.572°   longitude= W 144.804°    Magnetic Declination 19° 17' E (July 2016)

Last updated July 8, 2016   The NOAA site for the Yukon Flats area died and NOAA has replaced it with sites which are
specific for each town.. The link for Central which is probably the same as Fort Yukon but with the name replaced has
been added as has the Accuweather link for Central.  Updated Magnetic Declination and removed some dead links.

My guide to the Pinnell Mountain Trail, a detailed mile-by-mile description of the trail
with photographs is available by clicking on the link below.

Guide to the Pinnell Mountain Trail

Correct Location of Claims Kathy I & Kathy II on Deadwood

Sun Dogs and Other Things

Total Lunar Eclipse -October 8, 2014
with photos of the lunar eclipse on April 15, 2014

Some Pictures